Our vision To offer results through innovation and become your trusted recruitment advisor

94 FINANCE Methods

Our 94 FINANCE methods enable us to offer results through innovation. 

Limited client partnership

To deliver on our client’s most challenging hiring requirements, it is critical our consultants can proactively headhunt and build long standing relationships with top performing professionals.

To ensure this we only partner with a limited client base, therefore enabling our consultants to operate freely and guaranteeing never to headhunt from our own clients.

Experienced specialist team

Our ability to deliver depends on the QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and SPECIALIST nature of our team.

Get this right and we will deliver real value to our clients and candidates and be their trusted recruitment advisor, get it wrong and we will just be another recruitment agency offering nothing different.   

We strongly believe we have the market leading team, the QUALITY of our consultants is exceptionally high, driven by our high benchmark for hiring employees into 94 FINANCE, we are very EXPERIENCED within the Accounting and Finance market and this exceptional knowledge runs from the top to the bottom of the organisation, each consultant is highly SPECIALISED.

Each consultant has the following framework ensuring they are specialised and well positioned to offer invaluable market knowledge and advice. The framework sees each consultant only focusing on the permanent or contract market, a specific client sector, a set location and set candidate level. For example a consultant’s framework may be:

  1. Permanent or Contract: Contract
  2. Client sector: Technology 
  3. Location: London
  4. Candidate level: 0 – 4 years PQE

Passionate about accounting & finance

Accounting and Finance is what we know, we are experts within the field and most importantly we love the sector and are very passionate about the people within it.

Market leading smart technology

We have invested heavily into developing our market leading smart technology platform; this platform drives our business and ensures we deliver value to our clients and candidates.

Examples are:

  1. Our cloud based applications, available to all team members, accessible worldwide, ensuring we are always on hand for our clients or candidates.
  2. Our investment into social networks enabling us to build relationships with the very best candidates and delivering on our clients hardest to fill positions.
  3. Our cloud based contractor management platform which ensures timely, worldwide contractors payments and gives contractors access to all their information.

Structured data

Delivering for our clients quickly and effectively on exceptionally challenging positions is all about having “STRUCTURED DATA”, alongside our smart technology, we have invested heavily to achieve this. 

Vast amounts of data, available to all, is useless unless highly structured. 

For example, one of our clients, a mid-sized US Media firm, is hiring a very specific Financial Controller to work alongside their Managing Director to grow their London office. They require a candidate who is qualified, with 3 – 5 years PQE experience, from the Media sector, with strong commercial finance experience, within a business with £20-50m turnover, and proven ability to manage a team of 5 – 6.  

Unstructured data shows 671 candidates available, each with some of the relevant skill sets, our structured data pin-points the 38 candidates with exactly the correct academics, qualifications and professional experience for the role and who are open to discussing such a position.

This ability to pin-point specific talent enables us to continually deliver on our clients hardest to fill positions. Offering real value and being your trusted recruitment advisor.

It’s the collective power of our 94 FINANCE methods which support and enable us to achieve results, time and time again on our client’s most challenging positions and really become your trusted recruitment advisor.