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Client Services

As a client utilising our services you will benefit from a dedicated specialist consultant. We partner in a structured manner to ensure the successful delivery of the assignment, within the agreed timeframe. Our team will also act as your brand ambassador in the marketplace, delivering a solid and consistent brand message. We then share our insight on market place perception of your brand, giving you high quality, honest and valuable feedback. 

Permanent service

Our permanent service is a contingency recruitment solution. We do not invoice until we have successfully completed the assignment.

Your assignment will be led by a specialist, permanent consultant, who fully understands all the challenges of successfully moving high performing, permanent candidates. We take a detailed specification of the position, suggest the correct sourcing methodology and agree a structured timeline from kick off to completion.

Our consultants move candidates through a rigorous process ensuring they have the academics, qualifications, skills and experience for the position, while constantly assessing for cultural fit. 

We also facilitate remuneration and benefits package negotiations and manage any related issues, such as counter offers ahead of the start date, enabling a stress free hiring process for our client.   

The lead consultant will remain in constant communication with the client throughout the process until the candidate has started in their new position, subsequently we will touch base with both candidate and client quarterly to ensure the candidate / client fit is of the highest standard and ensure a successful long standing relationship with both partners.   

Retained service

Our retained service, is utilised by clients who are either looking to recruit for a very senior position, an exceptionally niche position or a number of positions of a similar level.

At 94 FINANCE we invest heavily into retained projects, giving all the service levels highlighted in our “Permanent service”, to reflect our additional investment into “Retained services” we give a minimum of one full time senior consultant, plus a dedicated researcher, where the size and seniority of the project demands, we can increase the team. Additionally we conduct a complete market mapping service of your competitors; this information includes organisational charts, compensation packages of relevant individuals, professional overview of these individuals and details of their career motivations. This information can be retained by the client post the project completion.   

We offer flexibility around the payment structure of our retained assignments, so it’s not the industry norm of third; third and a third, this ensures our clients are gaining the best possible value for their investment.

Contract and interim solutions

Our contract and interim solution is a complete service, we will source and secure the correct individual, ensure they are fully compliant, in line with client requirements and country legislation, run the contractors payroll via either a limited company / PAYE or umbrella structure and issue the client a single monthly invoice.  

Our contract division mirrors our permanent division, we have specialist contract and interim consultants and your engagement will be led by one of them. Our consultants are true specialists, understanding all the challenges and complexities of hiring contract or interim staff into your organisation, and are there to offer a complete service and solution to ensure it is stress free for you, the client.

If you are looking to recruit please call +44 (0)203 319 3910 or email at clients@94finance.com